raqula x so hazy
cc: nicholask-la
Just a regular Sunday piggy back ride from @aaroncarter at @fortunesound #regularkids #sassypants #sweatyballs
Had to pull over to this barricade on the way home to set my pussy free #seturpussyfree
Dressed like a bit like a lady to play this amaze-balls prohibition themed barn party in whistler. $20 says there’ll be lipstick on my braces, an eyelash falling off and my fake mole smeared all over my face before the clock strikes 12.
Maybe not the glazed on the butt for future butt-donut situations. Other than that, carry on!

i’m everyone in this gif

thanks nicholask-la for this gem
#throwback #merkinmonday Valley of the Dolls. #barbiehead #barbie #carpetsmatchthedrapes?